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Sep 13, 2012 1:35am EDT
, including an ambassador are killed in libya. >>> plus, 9 news now has the big announcement on the iphone 5. how a local woman scores a ren what for 7 bucks. >>> but there's a far less happy picture being painted in cairo tonight. anti-american demonstrations continue outside the gates of the u.s. embassy there as washington mourns the death of our ambassador in neighboring libya in what now appears to be a premeditated american attack. the three other americans also died in the attack. >> the administration vowed to bring the killer to justice and found its response to the killings has become an issue to the presidential campaign. gary neurenberg is here to bring us up to date. >> reporter: area muslims here in washington condemned the libyan attack and gathered outside the white house to honor stevens, whom many knew and respected. they lighted candles and observed a moment of silence for ambassador stevens and three other americans who were killed yesterday. >> the events that took place yesterday in libya don't represent the faults and actions of the great people of libya nor o
Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
seriousness of the stabbing injuries. >>> we also have breaking news to talk about out of libya. a state department officer was killed during an attack on the u.s. consulate today. secretary of state hillary rodham clinton said she's called the libyan president to protect americans on libyan soil. >>> a high school student's killer is still out there on the loose somewhere. tonight 18-year-old marckel ross was shot dead on the street just walking to class this morning. the teenager was regarded as a strong student and a bright spirit at central high in capitol heights. ross's family says he was a track athlete, in rotc and an honor student. he came in9 from anne arundel county and he got bullied because he was new. they called the bullies haters. >> when you have children go to school, they're smart. everybody likes them. they enter all type of activities. and en you have the kids on the side smoking the drugs and very, very unfortunate and those are the ones that come after the other children. that's what i mean when i say hate. >> now, marckel's m said she did complain to school
Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. anita. >> thank you, ken. >>> the bodies of the four americans killed in libya return to washington today as anti-american demonstrations continue to grow across the muslim world. and an attack on a military base in afghanistan has killed two united states marines just tonight. >> the demonstrations prompted by an anti-muslim video produced right here in this country have now spread to 23 countries. some taking place right now. gary nurenberg brings us up-to-date. gary. >> reporter: well, derek and anita, after three days, the anger does not appear to be dampening with more demonstrations now than we've seen all week. crowds continued to spar with police on the streets outside the american embassy in kiro. protestors raged at the video mocking the faith. demonstrators hit american facilities in yemen, indonesia and protested on the streets of gaza. the american embassy was targeted in sudan. and an base in southern afghanistan killed two american marines, though it is unclear if it was prompted by rage over the film. the bodies of the four americans killed in the tuesday attack in l
Sep 15, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: according to him, those sentiments come from the unrest in muslim nations overseas like libya and yemen. members here feel they may be a target of domestic retaliation. >> reporter: so they beefed up their own security and are hoping police get to the bottom of this. >> we're going to investigate this until we have a closure. >> reporter: so as you heard, police are vigorously investigating these cases of vandal lays many. in the meantime the mosque's iman is reaching out to the community and offering to help all those who had their windows smashed. >>> turning elsewhere, it's been a month since the government opened fire and killed a 17-year-old flowers high school student in her own bedroom. there have been no arrests in the murder of amber stanley who was shot last month in her upper marlboro home. today her father hosted an event to bring awareness to teen violence. surae chinn has that story. >> reporter: he says nothing can bring his daughter back, but what keeps him going is to help the community so no other parent has to go through what had to go through. today he host
Sep 14, 2012 1:35am EDT
first tonight, four americans died in this malicious attack in libya and now 9news now have information. did we have information that could save lives. >>> this is 9news now. >>> angry demonstrations continue outside the american embassy in kiro. and just hours ago, president obama told egypt's president the embassy needs to be better protected. and there is new word out of england tonight that the state department "had credible information 48 hours before the attack that killed the four americans in libya tuesday, information that american facilities might be targets". the newspaper published the account this evening. >> the paper reports the american government did not want diplomats or order any lock downs. new the repercussions of these -- now the repercussions of these demonstrations are now being felt where law enforcement agencies now received a new bulletin from the federal government. gary nurenberg is here with the wrapup. reporter: homeland security issued the bulletin today. it says there is no specific indication that violence will spread to the united states, b
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)